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3 Reasons To Reconsider Carpet

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Tile, hardwood, and laminate are what often comes to mind for many people when choosing flooring. These options can offer up versatility, functionality, and elegance. However, there are other options for flooring in the home. Carpet flooring is often overlooked as an option since many homeowners view it as outdated and something to be regulated to bedrooms if it is used at all. However, there are plenty of ways to get a modern look with carpet. Read More»

Two Things Changing Humidity Levels Can Do To Your Hardwood Floors

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Of all the things that can damage your hardwood flooring, humidity is one of the sneakiest and biggest concerns. Humidity levels in the air change throughout the year, and each change brings new concerns. Understanding how those changing moisture levels in the air affect your floors can help you protect the flooring from damage. Here are two potential problems to watch out for with your new hardwood floors. Cupping Humidity levels are usually pretty high in the summer months, which will cause the planks of your wood floor to absorb more moisture from the air. Read More»

Flooring Options For Your Kitchen Renovation

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If you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen, then you should spend the time and decide what type of flooring you want. It’s a great time to tear up that old, tattered linoleum flooring and put down something more substantial. Below are a few flooring options you can choose from. Hardwood Flooring Hardwood flooring is beautiful and durable. However it is does have one major drawback. It is not very resistant to water. Read More»